Dimensional Print Marketing Products

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Create Powerful Direct Marketing Campaigns

B-moss provides you with the most innovative dimensional print marketing solutions, making sure your message hits home with your audience.

The Services We Offer

Dimensional Print Marketing Products

Pop up marketing brochures, sales aids
B2B innovations, charts, pop up cards.

Video in

Video activated brochures,
Video books, Video sales aids.


Innovative product packaging, pop up packaging, promotional packaging.
Custom designed to fit your needs.

B2B Invitations & Greetings

Pop up innovations and 3D greeting cards that will leave a memorable impression on your clients.

What Happens When Consumers Receive Direct Mail?


Are driven to online or digital activity


Will make online purchases


Feel connected to the business


Will download something

See What Bmoss Can Do For You

Choose from hundreds of pop up effects to create a powerful print marketing campaign that will drive your message home with your target audience, generate engagement and increase sales.

The Clients We Serve

Consumers are exposed to hundreds of ads a week…

How do you know they noticed your message?

B-moss provides agencies, marketers and brand managers, the most innovative dimensional print marketing solutions. We partner with the strategists and creative teams to develop award winning direct marketing campaigns that powerfully convey your message and also gets consumers to take action.

dimensional print marketing

Free Consultation

If you’re interested to learn more about how our technology could make a big impact on your direct mail campaigns we’d be happy set up a strategy call to learn more about:

  • The clients you serve and the opportunities to grow the direct mail in their marketing mix.
  • The effectiveness of what you’re currently doing to market your products or those of your clients.
  • The potential ways we can help improve customer engagement, open rate and ROI.
  • What might it cost?

So let’s set up some time to talk. Please fill out this form and we would be delighted to help make 2017 your best year ever.