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Amazing Flip Book Ideas

By December 4, 2016Uncategorized

If you want to show information or images in a fast, interesting way you might think a brochure might work best for presenting this kind of content. But, have you considered a flip book? Brochures can take up a lot of pages, and really aren’t all that fun to navigate. A flip book has that “cool” factor. It’s interactive, fun to use, and can show images or information in a way that makes an impact on the recipient.

Here’s some great uses for a flip book direct marketing campaign.

Informational/Marketing messages

Combine graphics and marketing messages to tell a story.


Use the flip book to show a step-by-step process, or as a countdown (i.e. top 5 reasons…)

Images only

Sometimes all you need are stunning, high resolution images which can really create an impact with your flip book.