Are you looking for a genius direct marketing strategy that will add real value to your company? Take advantage of new technologies, social networks and the creativity of graphic design and printed marketing materials! But finding unique marketing materials that also guarantee a high ROI is not easy.

That’s why we are presenting four case studies to you that have successfully executed marketing campaigns with innovative printed materials. Get inspired and use the best ideas for your own business!


This interactive barcode fits on coffee cups, stickers or posters. It it is scanned, it forwards the user to a creative digital experience. Use the combination of print and digital for your direct marketing campaign!

Case study Nr. 1: Sports events

For the Olympics 2012 the organizers were looking for innovative ideas that would surprise visitors and fans. QR-codes were a transparent and efficient solution! More than 50 different QR-codes were printed on tickets, publication, and posters. When scanned, they led the users to important news and discussions on social networks and linked to official apps and online shops. Users who took advantage of codes scanned them on average 1,6 times per code. Furthermore, it showed that codes were most scanned by fans of 55 years of age and older. The QR-codes were responsible for 15 million downloads of official materials and helped
collect and analyze detailed user data.

Case study Nr. 2: Telecommunication

A company was looking for a way to include QR-codes in their marketing strategy. The aim: to make certain new smartphone apps more popular. QR-codes were used in advertisements, in-store displays, direct marketing, websites, and iPad-Apps. In only three months the campaign managers registered 15000 scans. Users between 18 and 24 years of age scanned the most. 3


This innovative technology combines printed marketing materials and digital content and offers an unique and exciting user experience.

Case study Nr. 3: Automobile industry 4

To introduce a new truck, a company came up with a genius marketing strategy to reach their target audience in an unexpected way. They created inlays with video-in-print-technology for two magazines. By analyzing the demographics of the subscribers of those magazines they selected 20.000 readers that fit their target audience. The company then tailored the video content to the interests of that audience. In the end, 10.000 subscribers received magazines with actual video-in-print-inlays. 5


Those creative print pop-ups turn into three-dimensional designs that are guaranteed to stand out!

Case study Nr. 4: Advertising campaign of a tv-channel

To market it’s fall program, a tv-channel came up with a special marketing strategy that made use of the combination of print pop-ups and video-in-print. The marketing material consisted of a high-quality screen in a 3D-packaging. When opened, the advertising video started on autoplay.A separate TV-program additionally sent out original print pop-ups which opened and unfolded automatically when opened.

As you can see, direct marketing is far from boring, and print pop-ups, as well as video-in-print-products, can add a lot of value to your marketing campaigns. Have a look at our website and get inspired for your next marketing campaign!

You like the idea, but are not sure where you should start? Drop us a message and we’ll help you with the whole process: From gathering ideas to actually printing your unique marketing materials!

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