We are a group of marketers, engineers, designers & problem solvers with one passion – to make sure that your brand makes an impact through our direct marketing services.

We specialize in interactive customized mailers, invitations, sales aids, brochures as well as unique custom direct marketing packaging. We use clever mechanisms developed by our paper engineering department together with the creative mind from the agencies ensures the most impact, improved brand recognition and response rate.

B-MOSS has partnered with the best agencies, brand managers and marketing professionals around the globe in creating and producing award winning, innovative, impactful and creative direct marketing services and materials that sell.

It All Started A Long Time Ago…

Paper engineering has been used for centuries although its origins were lost in the midst of time. Perhaps the first recorded example of paper engineering comes from an amazing object called a ” Volvelle ” (click for more Wiki information).

Volvelles were the perfect tool for astronomical calculations and to show the locations of the planets throughout the year. As time moved on they later became a very efficient means to demonstrate various amounts of data and calculations, in a simple and concise way (what we now call a spinning wheel or disc).

And Then Someone Had A Great Idea…

Once it was understood what was possible with paper engineering creations and the different interactions that could be achieved with paper, the next logical step was to bind these mechanisms together and create the first popup book . Once again the earliest recorded examples were used for astronomical research. It was not until the 19th century that we see the creation of the first “modern” popup book (click for more Wiki information).

These modern popup books were created for children and in the early 20th century a whole array of publications were released in order to bring children’s stories to life . This brought in a new way to develop popups. New mechanisms had to be invented in order to cope with the increasing demand for ever more complex publications (click for more Wiki information)

Companies Around The World Adopt Popups

This development and increased knowledge lead to a natural expansion of how the art of paper engineering could be used in a business-to-business format. Very quickly companies from all backgrounds began utilizing paper engineering to make their message stand out quite literally from their competition, making their presentations clearer and much more engaging for their customers, in a way that it was never possible to do before.

Pioneers In Paper Engineering

For more than 20 years BMOSS has been at the forefront of paper engineering, developing, researching and inspiring companies all around the world. Our vast knowledge in paper engineering allows us to develop bespoke solutions that are unique and engaging.

You could say that BMOSS CLASSIC is the culmination of hundreds of years of history and decades of research, all of which you can now tap directly into to create amazing communications without any previous experience. By taking just a few steps you can now quickly design and produce your very own popup without the complexity and usual costs involved.

BMOSS did not invent paper engineering but it is taking this amazing medium to the next level to make it as easy as possible for you to get the most out of your next marketing campaign.