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Say hello to our Print-Pop-Up of the week!

In our world full of technological information that constantly demands our attention, we need to come up with something "a little different" for successful marketing strategies. But what can we do? It's so simple: We can use print marketing campaigns that are aimed directly towards your target audience! By the…
24 April 2019

Make sure that your medication gets prescribed

If you want doctors to actually remember your medication, it might be necessary to use something extra-persuasive. And we have just the right thing for you: Interactive, physical direct marketing instruments! The more creative your marketing materials, the more likely is it that they will be placed at the doctor’s…
23 April 2019

Stay on the doctor’s table with Print-Pop-Ups!

We are the experts when it comes to creative Print-Pop-Ups and we know exactly what attention-grabbing marketing materials should look like. Let’s be honest here: Basic advertising material, like flyers or similar (which you may find lying around in medical clinics or on desks), might get picked up by doctors…
16 April 2019

Make your brand stand out with Print-Pop-Ups!

Imagine this: You open a basic envelope, and suddenly a colorful cube jumps out. Or you open a brochure and find a screen that plays a video. Or someone hands you a paper box that immediately starts playing music. That sounds like something you'd remember, right? Our paper engineers and…
15 April 2019

Which marketing materials are used by high-end brands?

An iconic logo and a world full of glamour, sparkles and without the hassles of daily life: The world of luxury brands is designed to mirror our dreams, wishes, and fantasies. But how does that work? Simply put: With excellent marketing strategies! By using the right marketing materials, your brand…
10 April 2019
Print-Pop-Up Direktmarketing Printmarketing blog

Say “Hello” to our Print Pop-Up of the day!

Nowadays we are surrounded by technological information that vies for our attention. That is specifically the reason why advertisements are most effective if you do something completely different - like direct marketing! “Direct marketing” describes marketing campaigns that consist of sending printed ad materials per post to your target audience or…
4 April 2019

Print marketing in the service of health care

Doctors are responsible for prescribing medication. Therefore you need to make sure that they remember your brand and think of your medication when they are about to fill in a prescription. But in our world that is full of technical information which blinks, beeps and rotates you need special measures…
3 April 2019
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