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Say “Hello” to our Print Pop-Up of the day!

Nowadays we are surrounded by technological information that vies for our attention. That is specifically the reason why advertisements are most effective if you do something completely different - like direct marketing! “Direct marketing” describes marketing campaigns that consist of sending printed ad materials per post to your target audience or…
4 April 2019

Print marketing in the service of health care

Doctors are responsible for prescribing medication. Therefore you need to make sure that they remember your brand and think of your medication when they are about to fill in a prescription. But in our world that is full of technical information which blinks, beeps and rotates you need special measures…
3 April 2019

Video in Print: What it can do?

Maybe you have already heard about videos that can be integrated into print via specific techniques. They offer a powerful multisensory experience. But video-in-print has so many other advantages too: You can deliver more information to your target audience, and you can present arguments for your product in a more…
2 April 2019

Let B.Moss tailor your product packaging!

Are you looking for the right packaging materials for your next marketing campaign? B.Moss can help you out! We are supplying agencies and businesses from various fields with innovative, interactive direct marketing solutions that make sure that your customers remember you. Our speciality are high quality print pop-ups and creative…
27 March 2019

Say goodbye to digitalisation!

Are you currently working on a new ad or marketing campaign? Then we’ve got a hot tip for you: Don’t forget your print media communication! And it’s not enough to just remember it: Check how effective it is! Are you telling your customers about things that are important to them?…
26 March 2019
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