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Direct Mailing: 3 major advantages

Mass emails, pop-ups on websites and an endless array of newsletters: Digital communication means information overflow – and your message is likely to be overlooked! If you want to be sure that your message doesn’t just get through to your target audience but is also remembered, direct mailing is perfect…
13 May 2019
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Make your medication unforgettable – with Print-Pop-Ups!

Pharma-Marketing doesn't have the best reputation. That is a shame because with the right marketing tools you can create valuable materials your target audience benefits from - while remembering your medication! We proudly present: Print-Pop-Ups - the marketing tool you need! Our creative and innovative paper engineers and marketing experts…
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Insurance Companies need this handy marketing tool!

How does your marketing strategy look? Are your customers remembering you because you are doing something "a little different" that makes you stand out from other insurance companies? If so - that's great! But if not it might be time to come up with a renewed concept that makes you…

Three steps to successful direct marketing

You’ve already included direct marketing into your repertoire? That’s great! But you should still check if your way of marketing helps you reach your target audience at the right time. Here are three invaluable tips for you!1. Optimize your address list It doesn’t matter how good your direct marketing is…
6 May 2019

Let your brand shine in a new light!

“Branding” is the process of making your brand unique. With branding, you’re communicating the messages and values of your brand to create a complex and unmistakable image of your company or business. The aim of branding is to have your target audience connect your brand to certain values and characteristics…
2 May 2019

Print marketing in the service of health care

Doctors are responsible for the prescription of your medication. Therefore you need to make sure that they remember your brand and think of your medication when they are about to fill in a prescription. But in our world that is full of digital information that blinks, beeps and rotates you…
1 May 2019
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Say hello to our Print-Pop-Up of the week!

In our world full of technological information that constantly demands our attention, we need to come up with something "a little different" for successful marketing strategies. But what can we do? It's so simple: We can use print marketing campaigns that are aimed directly towards your target audience! By the…
24 April 2019

Make sure that your medication gets prescribed

If you want doctors to actually remember your medication, it might be necessary to use something extra-persuasive. And we have just the right thing for you: Interactive, physical direct marketing instruments! The more creative your marketing materials, the more likely is it that they will be placed at the doctor’s…
23 April 2019
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