Are you trying to market your brand or business? If so, you know exactly how hard it is to present and distribute your advertising materials in such a way that they are perceived and remembered by your target audience. There’s plenty of competition and we all are subject to a constant overflow of messages, ads, and information. Successful marketing is a challenge – but it’s one B.Moss can help you master! Are you thinking about which strategy might be the right one for your business or the services you offer? Let us present five great reasons why direct mailing is one of the most effective marketing methods – to raise awareness and to expand your customer base. Trust us: Direct marketing is the best thing that can happen to your business!

1. Response rates to direct marketing are very high

The response rates to direct marketing are a lot higher, compared to other marketing methods, and they are constantly on the rise! A study by DMA that was published in 2017 found that the response rate to order a brochure is 2,9% and for interlink-lists, it is 5,1% when customers are addressed by direct mailing. 2015 those response rates were only 1,0% and 3,7%! (Source: 2017 DMA response rate report). As you can see in the table on the right, direct marketing is a lot more effective than other ways of marketing when it comes to response rates. And a higher response rate obviously leads to more customers.

2) You can address exactly the right people

With direct mailing, it is possible to select in detail who you want to present your services to. That might actually be the biggest advantage of direct marketing! The 40-40-20-guide describes how the success of your direct marketing campaign comes to be: It’s 40% about selecting the right customers, 40% about the services you have to offer and 20% about how you present your offer. Some experts even say the success of your campaign depends by 60% on your mailing list!

You can define your target audience by over 400 factors. Those could be demographic figures like sex, age or income, number of people in a household, employment status, hobbies or relationship status, to name only a few. It is very important that you only use reliable figures. Ideally, they have been evaluated with surveys or professionally run studies. Unreliable and therefore not very effective are like-statistics from social networks.

To sum it up: If you focus your direct marketing campaign on the people that are potentially interested in what you have to offer, the likelihood of them turning into customers is pretty high!

3) Direct marketing creates trust

Online ads are usually regarded with skepticism. Personalized, mailed shipments, on the contrary, are perceived as way more trustworthy. The agency MarketingSherpa asked 1200 consumers about which measures of communication they trust the most when they consider a purchase. 76% named direct mail! But it’s not just the older generation that prefers physical mail; 70% of millennials agree with this statement. In general, people prefer to buy in stores they trust and to pay for services they know are good. Get your target audience to trust you – that’s how you turn them into loyal customers!

4) Direct mailing is convincing

This is another argument that has proof in numbers: Canada Post recently cooperated with True Impact Marketing, a research-and-strategy-oriented business for neuromarketing, to undertake a study about direct mailing. They found out that recipients of direct mail are 20% more likely to be convinced about the products they received the advertisement about – in comparison to recipients of digital mail.

But what does that mean in real life? Diana Lucaci, the founder of True Impact Marketing, says: “We think that a percentage of 2% to 5% is already an indicator for a future change in consumer behavior.” So that 20 % does mean a lot!

5) Direkt mailing is memorable

It is not easy to communicate messages that are remembered by your target audience. Everyone is busy with their daily life, time is short and if your message is not really standing out, it is already half-forgotten by the time it is read. Furthermore, we all are constant subjects to an information overflow. To process all the info and messages we receive, we have to be selective and ignore those that are not important. Marketing expert Jay Baer sums it up like this: “Nowadays we live in a world where we have to press “delete” first and ask questions later.”

But we’ve got some good news too: Direct marketing is very memorable and easier to remember compared to marketing that is communicated via digital media. In the study we mentioned earlier researchers found out that information that is communicated via direct mail is “cognitively 20% easier to process that information that is received digitally”. To put it simply: Direct mailing is more understandable and more memorable than digital advertisements.

And the best thing about it? If you combine the power of convincement with the memorableness of direct marketing you’ve got an unbeatable recipe for your next marketing campaign. The bottom line of the study: “Efficient advertising (which is advertising that makes the recipient react in some way) is convincing (high motivation) and also easy to understand (little cognitive challenge).

But that’s not all! A neuroscientific study in Great Britain supports the statements we’ve referred to:

  • The physical effect that comes with direct mailing creates a lasting impression with the recipient.
  • Direct mailing comes with an emotional factor which is essential for brand loyalty
  • Physical mail triggers a brain reaction that is responsible for feelings

The general office inspector of the United States Postal Service (IGO) also conducted a neuroscientific study in cooperation with Temple University. This study looked into the effectiveness of postcards versus emails. There were nine advertising aims to be reached – and postcards succeeded without a doubt. E-Mails were found to be better when it came to focus a reader’s attention, but postcards were more memorable, triggered an emotional reaction and stayed in the reader’s subconscious – as you can see in the table below.

So, expand your marketing repertoire and include highly effective direct mailing! It will raise awareness about your brand and create loyal customers. B.Moss is happy to support you with patented paper folding techniques and creative print pop-ups – for direct marketing campaigns that won’t be forgotten! Get inspired and browse the products featured on our website! Of course, all marketing materials by B.Moss can be tailored to your individual needs and wishes.

You are in charge of your marketing – make it unforgettable!

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