Can I change the format of the Model shown on the website?

Yes. All the models and sales aids presented on this website can be changed and adapted to fit your specific requirements. For this it might be better if you get in touch directly with one of our representatives using the CONTACT US tab.

Will it cost more to adapt a model to my specific requirements?

There are some extra costs and they vary depending on the level of customization. If you would like more information then get in touch directly with one of our representatives using the CONTACT US tab.

Can you combine more than one mechanism?

Yes. It is possible to create a DM piece that includes multiple mechanisms.

Can I choose a different envelope from the one shown?

Yes. We can offer pockets, wrappers and envelopes with interlocking paper closure.

Are all your models patented?

Many models in our repertoire are patented, others have been in use for a long time and patents no longer apply.

Are all your products made out of paper?

Yes. We thing paper is a very sexy product, capable of so much more than sitting flat quietly on your desk.

Are your products durable?

It depends. Some of our products consist of the sliding panels, others contains powerful rubber bands. Although all our products and sales aids have been designed by paper engineers in order to both impress and last, they all are ultimately made of paper. If stored for a long period of time or under the wrong conditions (damp or temperature variable) they can damage. Our advice is to use the products within a 3 months period.

Can I choose a specific paper to be used?

No. When the products and sales aids were designed by our paper engineers they were developed with a specific paper in mind. One that could cope with both the folding and tension requirements of a popup mechanism. After a lot of tests we chose the one that performed the best. Adopting a different paper will lead to unforeseen results.


Will you send me a template?

Once your order has been placed, we will send you a template for you to populate with your artwork. If you have any problem with the template you can get in touch with us and we will guide through the process. Once you are happy with the positioning, create a hi-res PDF and send it to us for final checks.

Can I change the graphics shown on your model?

Yes. We will send you an empty template for you to insert your graphics. We will then print in 4 colors litho your artwork.

Can I change the template you sent me?

This is not recommended. Our templates have been created to fit with the product that you have requested. If you need to make changes to the model, then we will adapt the template and send a new version for artwork placement.

Can I use special colors in my artwork?

Yes. We print using the traditional litho process, so we can print 1 extra Pantone color if your design calls for it.

What software can I use?

Adobe Illustrator is the preferred choice as our templates are made using this software. However it is possible to also work with Adobe InDesign by importing the template into a new document making sure to maintain the original document dimensions.

I use Publisher and Word, can I work with your template?

Unfortunately not. This Microsoft software is not designed for print productions and lacks some of the most important settings which we require to build our sales aids. In this case we advise you consider the services of a design agency or please contact us directly for further advice.

I'm not sure how to find the correct settings.

No problem. If you are stuck and need assistance, get in touch with us using the CONTACT US section and we will guide you through the process.

What are the PDF file requirements?

We require a PDF with the following settings:

  • Images set at 300dpi in CMYK
  • No ICC profiles embedded
  • Output intent profile set to Coated FOGRA39
  • No hairlines (lines smaller than 0.25 points)
  • Black text set to overprint where possible
  • No crop marks are required
  • Bleed the graphics exactly to the relevant dotted lines
  • No important graphics or text positioned within 2mm of cut lines
  • Limit the positioning of important graphics or text across sliding panels
  • in the case that you want to upload your pdf online ,Save the PDF with compatibility for Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4)

Our template includes some BLACK and some MAGENTA lines. These are not to be moved, removed, or modified in any way. Artwork should be positioned in a lower layer using either InDesign or Illustrator. The MAGENTA lines are colored using a specific Pantone color. They are used by us to verify that the artwork is positioned correctly and they will be removed by us prior to printing your project. The full MAGENTA line represents the cut line, while the dotted line represents the required artwork bleed.

Saving the file using the PDF/X-1A:2001 standard and with compatibility set to Acrobat5 (PDF 1.4) will take care of most of the setting above automatically. This option can be found in the PDF export window.

What kind of proofing do you provide?

The fastest proofing process is via hi-res PDF. We can also supply a flat HP color proof. This however will add 2 working days to the overall project.

Can I see a prototype before going to production?

If the chosen model is a well establish mechanism then we can supply you with previous examples. If however changes have been made or this is a completely new mechanism then blank prototypes will be supplied in order to identify potential issues in the sales aids.


What are your minimum print runs?

Currently our minimum quantity is 500 units.

We are already working hard to bring you additional service and sales aids, including the ability to order a minimum of 50 units. We will keep you posted once this service will become available.

Which printing methods do you offer?

All our products are printed in CMYK (offset process). It is possible to add additional specifications like Pantone colors, spot UV and lamination. If you do require these additional services then please contact us to discuss the bespoke options available to you. Our sheet-feed production is managed using Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 150-P presses.

Can I have Pantone colors?

Yes. Our print process is calibrated to Coated FOGRA 39 CMYK. If you require to print with extra Pantone colors, then please add these to the artwork, although production costs will increase.

Can I change the graphics once the job has been submitted?

If you require last minute changes contact us immediately via the CONTACT US page, our email or directly via the phone. Once you have approved the final PDF proof the job is sent immediately to production. It is possible to intercept the file and stop the process. There might be additional charges depending on the production stage reached by the job.

Can I request multiple versions of my job?

Yes. Many of our models provide the ability to produce multiple versions in a single print run. This is very useful if you need to produce multiple language versions with the same artwork.

Can I use a different material or paper grade from the one you indicated?

No. We spent a considerable amount of time in order to find the best material for our products and sales aids. One that would be flexible enough to be manipulated by our workers, yet strong enough to maintain tension in rubber bands and other mechanisms. We strongly recommended not changing this material as it could lead to potential problems.

How long will the rubber band last?

This is a difficult questions to answer. Our tests indicate that if stored under tension the rubber band will retain perfect elastic properties for a period up to 30 days. The longer it is stored, the weaker it will get. Ideally the products should be kept in a cool dry place for a maximum period of 60 days.

Can you leave the envelope open?

Yes. It is often the case that our models need to be supplied to you mailing house for the finishing touches, like the insertion of a letter. In this case we can leave the envelopes open, ready for your mailing house to insert the letter and close them.

How long will production take?

Like all good things, they come to the ones who wait. The average time is 3 weeks from the time you sign our proof. Larger or more complex orders will take longer.


How are the goods packaged?

All products are inserted into white cardboard boxes and then packed inside double-walled corrugated boxes for extra protection.

How will the goods be sent?

Via our international partners UPS. Once the job is dispatched we will send you an email with the tracking number for you to follow the progress of your delivery.

Can you dispatch to multiple locations?

Yes. Sending from a centralized location can reduce dispatch costs significantly and minimize the amount of time you need to spend sorting out the various deliveries. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Different import taxes and duties will apply depending on the chosen countries.

Can I change the destination supplied during the ordering process?

If you would like to change the destination simply contact us with the new details. It is not however possible to change the destination once the job has been dispatched.

Can you dispatch to a different country from my own?

It is possible to arrange for deliveries worldwide. There might be additional charges depending on individual countries duties and tax requirements.


I have a problem with the products I have received.

Nobody likes to say or hear this, but in the event that something is not as you expected it then please contact us so that we can address the issue.

The products are late.

It can happen. The first thing to try is to check your tracking number on the UPS website. This should give you an idea of the potential issue. If this does not answer your questions then get in touch with us and we will follow up the matter with UPS directly.

I received the wrong quantity.

All our products go through various levels of Quality Control and are dispatched according to the order placed. If however the quantity delivered does not match the quantity ordered then we will endeavor to supply you with the balance as soon as possible free of charge when our mistake is up to 5% of the quantity ordered.

The products are damaged.

Please contact us immediately if this is the case. If possible take photographs showing the conditions of both the external packaging and the products.


How expensive are the samples?

Our samples are FREE.

I call from a school / I'm a student, can I have samples?

We are very happy to help schools and students with their projects. However we cannot send samples to individual students. We require that the teacher will contact us to arrange for an Education Pack to be sent out. A typical pack includes around 20 individual samples and it costs £20 (to cover for re-stocking and postage charges).

How long will it take for the samples to arrive?

Every sample request we receive prior to 1PM will be processed and dispatched the following day. The samples will be sent via standard postal service which typically takes 2-3 working days to deliver.

Will I get exactly the samples I have requested?

We will make every effort to send exactly what was requested. However it might not always be possible due to specific sample stocks. In this case we will endeavor to send an equivalent sample which utilizes the same mechanism.