1. Choose

Choose From Existing Ideas

The first step is to access our product gallery where you can find hundreds of amazing promotional packaging examples to spark your imagination. Select one of the products and see it live. You can also select each pop up based on type of moving effect, industry, size and also budget.

Request Custom

Alternatively you might have an idea that you would like to build or design from the ground up.  Simply sketch the item you would like and send the drawing to our paper engineers department.

Discuss Your Project With Us

If you prefer to discuss your project directly with one of our representatives, then use the contact us page for phone and email details.

2. Templates

Request a Template

Once you choose the design you like we will send over a template with all the instructions to make it as easy as possible for your designer to complete the job.

Position Your Graphics

Position your graphics onto our promotional packaging template, respecting the information provided. This can either be done by a designer or your appointed agency. Once the file is ready prepare a hi-res PDF as detailed on the template file.

3. Check

We Check Your Job

As soon as we receive your file we will check if for technical problems relating to both the graphics and promotional packaging production. Should we find anything we will let you know immediately. We will also prepare a PDF simulation which will show you what your chosen product will look like once fully assembled.

4. Production

We Get Started

Once you have seen our PDF simulation and signed-off the work then we will start our production process. Printing, cutting, stripping, glueing, hand-assembly is all done by our team of highly competent professionals. Each box is inspected for quality control before leaving our facilities.

5. Delivery

We Deliver Your Project

From our centralized facilities it is possible for us to organize deliveries all over the world on your behalf, whether this is to one location or multiple drops. Our couriers of choice are UPS which provide an unparalleled quality service.

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