Modèle Pop-Up - Pot à crayon - Bmoss

Modèle Pop-Up - Pot à crayon (#900)

The "Pen Holder" Pop Up model not only creates a surprise but also provides an opportunity for your brand to stay visible longer by remaining on your target audience’s desk.

This active and playful communication method enhances message retention and increases the likability of a brand.

Here are some key points about the "Pen Holder" Pop Up model:

Surprise Element: The "Pen Holder" Pop Up surprises the recipient, creating a memorable and engaging experience.

Long-Term Visibility: By transforming into a practical item like a pen holder, the Pop Up ensures that your brand stays on the desk and in the daily view of your target audience.

Enhanced Brand Perception: The playful and interactive nature of this model improves the perception of your brand, creating a positive and lasting impression.

Better Message Retention: The unique design and practical use of the Pop Up help in retaining the message more effectively, as it becomes a part of the recipient’s daily routine.

This model is particularly suitable for promotional materials, corporate gifts, or special campaigns where sustained brand visibility and engagement are desired. By using the "Pen Holder" Pop Up, brands can offer a functional and memorable user experience that enhances brand recall and appreciation.